NOMad 27: Bourbon tasting in Kentucky, Dance Blue Big Event

Nomad 24: Late Night China Town, Shrimp Gumbo, Tex Mex in Houston

NOMAD 22: Super Bowl Media Day in Houston

nomad 18: pinstripe bowl at yankee stadium - Pitt vs. Northwestern

nomad 16: underground at NYC transit museum

nomad 14: finding the real soup nazi from seinfeld

Nomad 13: Hiking the Smoky Mountains - Helping Tennessee's Wildfires

nomad 11: On the field for Tennessee game at Neyland Stadium - Knoxville

nomad 10: Kenny Smith Gets his shorts back, Anton's russian dumplings

nomad 4: san gennaro italian feast, meatballs, cannolis

nomad 25: kentucky vs. florida at rupp arena

nomad 23: dinosaur ribs at killen's texas bbq

nomad 20: seeing the sports world at the bronx zoo

nomad 17: The top 5 moments of 2016

Nomad 12: Peyton Manning Room - Hickory bbq in chattanooga

nomad 9: tiffany oshinsky tastes pumpkin beers for halloween

nomad taste test: southern comfort sandwich, chicken and waffles

nomad 8: the ainsworth for alabama game with alumni

nomad 6: cbs this morning with anchor vinita fair

nomad 26: mraz pays off the birdseed bet in central park

nomad 21: madame tussaud's wax museum

nomad 19: high school hoops suspended by a leaky roof

nomad 15: streetball legend "harlem world"

Nomad 7: Haunted Press Box, Tom's BBq in Memphis

nomad 3: The Grove at Ole Miss, Southern Fried party

nomad 5: ryan howard's farewell in philadelphia

nomad 1: minor league baseball at hudson valley renegades

nomad 2: searching for tim tebow at coney island